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    Orangeburg Real Estate

    Orangeburg, also known as ‘The Garden City,’ is located 37 miles from the South Carolina state capital of Columbia. 

    Rich in history, Orangeburg, is named after William, the Prince or Orange, the son in law to King George II. The Lutheran Church played a large part in the history of the town. Elements of South Carolina and Revolutionary War history can be seen throughout the downtown area. Orangeburg hosted the first Democratic US Presidential debate in 2007.

    Attractions include the Edisto Memorial Gardens, Hillcrest Golf course, Orangeburg Municipal Airport and Stevenson Auditorium.

    In 2015, the Orangeburg County Development commission began identifying projects to attract new jobs. This program is working towards making Orangeburg a better place to work and live by bringing more jobs to Orangeburg and hence increase the quality and life of people.

    Orangeburg is one of the last areas in South Carolina to get a good value in real estate. If the historic town of Orangeburg sounds right for you, check out our listings here.