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    Red Effect Columbia

    Columbia Business Feature

    Red Effect Columbia

    Like many, you may be looking to improve your fitness habits in 2021. If so, look no further! Meet Columbia’s newest fitness studio, Red Effect!

    Red Effect offers instructor led HIIT classes in an infrared infused studio. The classes are an hour long and incorporate treadmills, water rowers, and our synergy station for strength. During the workout you will monitor your heart rate in real time on one of our flat screen TVs to bring your heart rate in and out of 5 zones throughout the workout.

    The benefits of infrared saunas? To name just a few, the infrared saunas at Red Effect lower blood pressure, improve circulation, purifies skin, detoxifies, and improves heart health.

    For a limited time they are offering our Founding Memberships as they finish up construction on the studio. This membership includes Infrared High Intensity Interval Training, Heart Rate Monitoring and three in studio infrared saunas.

    For more information head to their website at for find them at 130 Forum Dr #4, Columbia, SC, 29229.

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